Friday, 31 January 2014

Mud glorious mud!

We have been asked to make a number of mud bricks!  An unusual request even for us.  Mud is of course a very useful building material.  

Some of the bricks frsh out of the mould.

Prehistoric lamps

Here's our prehistoric lamp in action underground at the Great Orme Mines late last year.

Stonehenge - not so straight forward!

With the recent opening of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre in the news, its always interesting to remeber that not everyone agrees with the accepted narrative of the site:

Sod houses from the Isle of Man

A really interesting example of a sod or turf built house:

New National Curriculum Teaching Collections and Museum Teaching Collections

NEW for 2014!!! Our new teaching collection for the National Curriculum is now available. Give young people a real feel and experience of our Prehistoric past with this 'hands on' introduction to ancient technologies and life:

In addition to our new National Curriculum Teaching resources we have also simplified and revamped our Museum and Higher Education Teaching Collections