Friday, 21 June 2013

Woodland Art Foundry June 2013

Some photo's of the great weekend we had meeting lots of interesting friends! Cheers!
Day 1: Starts off with tea and doughnuts and a brief introduction to early primitive copper smelting and bronze casting. Here Dave is demonstrating how a reconstruction of a Bronze Age mining lamp works.
Down to work outside in the sun and invigorating breeze! Explaining the lost wax process and how the wax objects are made. 
Starting to shape and form the items in wax.
 he wax can be shaped (using fingers and warming the wax with a hot gun or hot water) and incised using modelling tools (metal, bone or wooden). 
 Paul detailing the design.
 Some in the group went for a prehistoric axe design while others went for sculptural and decorative forms. 
Once the waxes were finished a thin coat of clay slip was painted onto them.
 This is the messy fun bit, well one of them!

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