Thursday, 8 August 2013

Prehistoric Life & Ancient Technologies Course: Day 1

We had a lovely weekend running the Prehistoric Life course; met lots of really interesting new friends and had a moving target (a rogue sheep!) to aim at for the spear throwing (we didn't get anywhere near, she was too quick)!
Prehistoric Life & Ancient Technologies Course August 2013  
The first day started with a stone (Graig Llwyd granite) knapping workshop and then we moved outside to construct composite tools using granite flakes/blades, natural glue and wooden handles.
The glue was made from bees wax and tree resin (applied when heated).

A finished composite tool.

We also had a go at using flint blades to cut out bone and antler 'blanks' for pins.

Then it was time to make probably one of the most important technological development by humans - string and cordage. We experimented with different plant fibres notably willow bark and nettle.

Julie's collection of stone tools, composite tools and cordage - ready to survive the Stone Age!

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