Thursday, 8 August 2013

Prehistoric Life & Ancient Technologies Course: Day 2

Day two started with making darts and spear throwers.

Once the darts had been straightened, flighted and the spear throwers made the target was set up (note the rogue sheep behind the target which had 3 acres to wander about in but decided the grass behind the target was the most delicious!).

David demonstrating how to use the spear thrower (located at the flighted end of the spear) as a simple lever.

Tim and Patricia ready for action!

Patricia making some adjustments to her spear.

Tim aiming for the sheep!

After spear throwing in the rain we headed indoors to make some fire to dry us off and Prehistoric lamps to take us into night! More photo's to follow. Thanks to everyone who joined us over the weekend and keep up the spear throwing practice; we will get that sheep one day!

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