Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New pictures from Ancient Arts' Anglo-Saxon theatre at Bede's World.

Some more images (photographed by Emma Wright of Ancient Arts) of the work at Bede's World.
View of Bede's World from the seating at the Theatre (the Stage is in the  centre)

A 'mini thurling' for kids.
A big kid visiting the 'mini thurling'!
Looking towards the Ancient Arts' Theatre with Anglo-Saxon houses in the foreground.
The seating at the Theatre looking from the Stage.

The oak plank seating.
The Stage from the top of the seating.
Looking across the site from the top of the seating.
Preparing the limestone slab at the entrance to the site for carving.
The design to be carved was first drawn onto fabric and then 'pounced' onto the rock surface.
Pearl Saddington of Bede's World and David Chapman of Ancient Arts.
The finished carving.

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