Friday, 17 May 2013

Stone Carving at Bede's World

Dave and Emma spent two days carving an Anglo-Saxon design onto a limestone slab set near the entrance to the site.

 The design was first drawn onto a fabric, then small holes punched through the fabric along the lines. Chalk is then rubbed over the holes transferring the design onto the surface below. This is called 'pouncing'.
Johnny from the site pouncing the design using chalk.

 Emmer then painted charcoal onto the pounced dots; joining them together (join the dots!) to complete the transfer of the design.
Dave was then able to start carving the stone.....  
following the charcoal lines.

The weather wasn't very helpful - gales and rain!
The carved rock surface.

Once the carving was complete Dave covered the carved surface with conservation varnish. This will protect the surface from weathering.

The design was inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospel illustrations and is an original design by David of a stylised cormorant.

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